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Detail Product Description:
  • Capacity: About 95,000 Tons Per Month
  • Grade: SGCC, DX51D,CS, Gr50, Gr.80, G250 – G550..
  • Alu – Zinc Coating: 40g/m2-180g/m2
  • Composition : 55% of Al, 43.5% of Zn and 1.5% of Si.
  • Usage: Constructions
  • Payment: T.T Or Lc At Sight
  • Width: 914 mm-1250mm or Slitting Width 70 mm – 900mm – All Available
  • Coil ID: 508mm/610mm
  • Thickness: 0.22mm-1.5mm – All Available
  • Spangle: Regular/minimize Spangle
  • Coil Weight: 2-25MT
  • Delievery: By Container Or By Bulk

Certificate system: ASTM ( USA ) JIS G3312, BIS( Indian market ), SIRIM( Malaysi market ), SNI( Indonesia ), SASO( Saudi Arabia ), AS( Australia, ISO9001:2008, Eurocodes.
Technique: Technology: NOF (Non-Oxydizing Furnace), chormated, unoiled, various spangle, hot dipped
Package: Waterproof paper + polyethylene rush inhibitor, the antirust paper , the ring of defends on inside and outside, steel belt, and the guard plate. We can also pack according to your request details.

Main Advantage of Galvalume Steel

Especially produced for various usage purposes Long life of 4 times longer than other normal fffective corrosion sheets good heat resistance.

1. More fluent and smoother surface and superior corrosion resistance property than hot dipped zinc galvanized steel coils.

2. Excellent heat resistance durable ability and anti-oxidation performance. It can bear temperature under 315℃ without tarnish and can be applied normally under 500℃ for long period. They could reject erosion from water and mud. They are the ideal steel materials for water heating machines, food dehydrators, exhausted tubes, automobile mufflers. And its heat reflection ratio is more than 75% which is double of zinc coated galvanized steel. Heat resistance of the 55% aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate is better than that of the galvanized steel sheet, similar to the high-temperature oxidation resistance of the aluminum plate.

3. Excellent performance for coating and machinability. It is highly adhesive to organic color pre painted coatings, and it could be welded and processed as the zinc galvanized steel metals. And it could be cold bent and punching while getting beautiful outlooks. It is also cost savings as a smaller amount of base metal consuming for the same thickness, as aluminum is lighter than zinc density.

The anti-finger layer is equipped:

We provide anti-finger color and non color.

Stain-proof and oxidization resistance keeping the surface of the products shiny for a long time to reduce cracking, scratching coating during stamping, rolling.



Hot dip Galvalume steel coils are widely used in the construction industry, as raw material for the production of corrugated panels, fencing products, drywall panel profiles, ventilation systems or industrial power (such as house, cover of electrical equipment, etc.) and interior decoration.. Recommended for both outside and inside usager.

Industrial Applications

Since galvalume steel coil is manufactured using the best possible raw materials, it is used in numerous types of industries, which include:

–Mechanical Engineering

Having a compact design and elevated strength and durability, this coil is put through numerous tests to ensure it can meet various industry standards. Specific application for galvalume steel coil are: Automotive Mufflers, Roofing and siding usage, Furniture, Appliances like food dehydrators, tubes, computer cases, exhausted gutters. structural sections, composite panels, microwave, washing machine, refrigerators, etc.

Other Uses

Along with being used for roofing, marine, and other industrial applications, this coil is also able to be used in many other ways as well. Because it adheres so well to paint and resists corrosion, it has in recent years been used in home electrical appliances and buildings, showcasing its versatility. Possessing an iron-zinc alloy layer that makes it highly workable, it can be used in appliances that are smaller and smaller. Because of this, it’s viewed by many within mechanical engineering as an all-purpose material.



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